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How we treat the Earth basically affects our Social Welfare and our national security – (Jim Fowler)

What is generally meant by social welfare is depicted very well by the above mentioned quote. Welfare is provision of a minimal level of well-being and social welfare is taken to be the well-being of a society as a whole and any act that takes into consideration the well-being of the whole economy and supports all citizens is said to be an act of social well-being; so a social welfare dissertation would be all about it.

When starting with their work, it is very typical of the students to be confused with how to start off and think to them: Someone please help me write my dissertation! So here I have also given you an idea on how to begin with your social welfare dissertation or any other dissertation; using a famous quote or saying. A catchy phrase would be a good idea too!

In the above mentioned quote, the earth is referred to as one society and every single person on it is taken into consideration. Here, in the quote, social welfare is not just the economic assistance provided by the government to the persons in need (the dictionary definition of it), but much more than that. It includes anything and everything humans do, to be effectual towards the well-being of the other human beings existing on this planet, from paying a beggar to throwing trash on the roads, from smoking publically to helping an old man you have never seen before cross the road; it all affects the social welfare of the people around us.

Perhaps your supervisor must be expecting you to buy a dissertation UK on the linguistic definition of social welfare and that would be the wisest thing to do but I’d say put in something of your own an as per my perspective, social welfare is not just an act to be followed by the government, it should be kept in mind by the whole economy and thus be implemented accordingly. And that too shall not just include the role played by us financially but also emotionally; by trying not to suppress anybody emotionally, environmentally; by trying not to harm the nature and treating everyone equally, regardless of their race, language, color and ignoring any other petty reason for discrimination.

Take account for the social welfare programs that are being organized for the core purpose and how helpful they have or have not been. There is much one can do to be helpful socially and all that (in my opinion) should be part of your social welfare dissertation, it will definitely outshine it. And take my advice; the implementations you suggest make them a part of your routine as well.

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