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On a Monday morning, about two years ago, a boy named Joseph woke up and got ready for school just like any other day, but little did he know his life was about to change. That day while he was at school he saw his girlfriend Jennifer like he did every other day, this time she had a strange look on her face and said, “Joseph we need to talk after school.” So, two o’clock came around and the bell rang for school to let out. Joseph went and found Jennifer so they could walk home together and talk. As they started to walk Jennifer said, “I think we should sit down to talk.” As they sat down Jennifer began to cry and put her hands on her face.


Joseph asked, “What’s wrong baby.” She responded, “I’m pregnant.” She told him that she wanted to keep the baby, but he didn’t want to. He did not want to have a kid at sixteen and ruin his life but there was nothing he could do because only a woman can choose to have an abortion. So he finally decided to agree with her since she was going to have the baby either way. So he went to talk to her about what they were going to do once the baby was born, but she said she was going to make all the decisions about the baby without him. Now she would get to decide whether to keep the baby after it was born or put it up for adoption and Joseph once again could not do anything.

Nine months later the baby was born and Jennifer decided to put the baby up for adoption. For that Joseph could not forgive her no matter how much he loved her. This devastated him physically and mentally. For months he just sat in his room alone and cried wishing he could have done something. He never tried in school anymore, causing his grades to drop severely, and eventually dropped out. He no longer had trust in anyone, and did not date for more than 2 years after that. His entire life was changed because he had no reproductive rights.

Some people say that all this could be prevented by having the male where a condom during intercourse, but condoms are not 100 percent effective. These people also say when the condom is ineffective and a girl gets pregnant she should get to make all the decisions. Also strong feminists feel that the morning after pill is wrong because it is stopping a baby that would be conceived from ever making it that far. First she gets to decide whether or not to have an abortion. Then she gets to decide whether to keep the baby or put it up for adoption. According to them women should get to decide because she has to carry the baby and women are more nurturing than men. So, if the girl wants to she can choose not to let the father have a voice in any of her decisions.

When some people talk about abortions they refer to it as “the right to choose.” “The right to choose” just means that a woman has the right to choose whether or not to keep a baby. An abortion is the killing of a fetus medically. The term pro-choice refers to people who believe that women should be able to get abortions, while pro-life refers to people who are against abortions.

When people think of the word abortion they think of a woman’s choice to have a baby or not, but two people should be involved in this decision. If women can choose whether or not to have babies, so should men. Men should have an equal part in the decision making about abortions because it is sexist for them not too, it affects both people, and it could affect the child’s life. After the child is born it is harder for the male to get custody of the child over the mother. The mother can also put her baby up for adoption without the consent of the father. Men must have the same reproductive rights as women or no longer be obligated to father the baby.

When it comes to reproductive rights, women have all the power, while men have none. If feminists really believe in equality, then they must agree that the power must be shared equally among both men and women. One out of every four children is born out of wedlock. While 1.6 million women have an abortion and decline parenthood each year, half a million men have their paternities established in court. About 33 percent of births may be unintended according to fathers. Men have been treated as an underclass without reproductive rights. Denying men reproductive rights is humiliating, oppressive, and offensive to the basic principles of human dignity.

Men are entitled to as much reproductive “choice” as women, and should be allowed to terminate their paternal rights and responsibilities under the same conditions governing women’s rights to terminate their pregnancies. Unplanned fatherhood can completely disrupt a man’s life. It disrupts his education, mental health, and entire family life. Psychological harm and heartbreak may result along with that his mental and physical health may suffer. For example, a twenty five-year-old man got is twenty-year-old girlfriend pregnant. She said she was going to have the baby, but then she decided to have an abortion without telling him. After that happened he didn’t date anyone for over a year and lost all interest in sex. The unwanted child may also suffer distress. And the man involved may have to carry a social stigma as a result of being an unmarried father.

Unlike Feminists, advocates of choice for men seldom assert a man’s right to terminate is absolute. They just advocate that the decision as to whether a particular man will terminate his parental rights and responsibilities is a decision that should be made by that man, in the same way a woman decides whether she is going to have an abortion. Although, this position is not without ethical problems, what is a child going to feel like when it grows up and finds its own father disowned and rejected it? In the case of an abortion, at least the child is dead and does not know that it has been rejected and killed. On the other hand, at least the child whose father has exercised his “choice” is still alive. The pro-choice groups favor choice as long as it’s for women, only. When it comes to men, they use the same arguments that the pro-life lobby does. This demonstrates their hypocrisy. They say women must have choice as to what to do with their own fertility, but men have no rights except to pay for the choices women make. If you want to buy research papers online you are at the right place

If a woman signs an abortion form, then she has robbed the father of his child, whose existence he may not even have been aware of. If she does not sign an abortion form, then he is saddled with a child whom he has to bring up, or whose upkeep he has to pay for. While all along he may have thought she was infertile or protected by contraception. Also while the man does make a fifty percent contribution to conceive a child, he should be absolved of his responsibilities if he has no decision making power. Such is the dominance women have over western society that their rights override the rights of both unborn children and fathers. The Feminist slogan “her body, her choice” is so widely accepted that anything inside her is hers to do with as she likes. This ignores the fact that a fetus is only inside her body because a man helped put it there. That man has rights over the fetus as well. After all, there is no widely available alternative at present for a man who wants to have his own natural children he has to persuade a woman to bear it for him.

The father may have strong views as to whether he wants the child to be born or not, and they should be taken into account. After all, once the child is born the father may well be obliged to rear it, make payments to the mother in cases of separation or divorce, have some of his estates go to it when he dies, and so on. Simply put, it is inequitable for the mother to have the unilateral right to decide whether to thrust these duties and liabilities on the father.

There is a very strong resemblance between reproductive rights and an old Roman family law. In Ancient Rome, the father was head of the household, and had power of life and death over his slaves, and also over his other people, such as his children and his wife. If this was still in effect today it would be widely viewed with moral outrage. But, the reproductive rights of mothers are almost the same as that old Roman law. Mothers have the power to choose whether their child lives or dies, while men have no say in it. Mothers also have the ability to force a man to pay child support for eighteen years to take care of a child he will never see.

When the word abortion comes up people need to think of men and women. Men should get to help in the decision of whether or not to have a baby when there is an unplanned pregnancy. Also after a baby is born men should get to help decide what to do with the baby. If the mother wants to put the baby up for adoption the father should be able to take the baby if he wants. Men should have equal rights in every decision made involving having a baby, or they should have the choice to no longer be obligated to caring for the baby. Read more creative research papers at our site

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